12 Dog Breed Suitable For Indian Climate

When it comes to dogs, we are always excited to know about their breed.

But, do you know that some dog breeds you like, are made for colder climate and can't tolerate humid climate just like here in India?

Like a humid Indian climate is not suitable for breeds like Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute or St. Bernard.

Never buy these breeds as it could harm their skin & coat condition.

Similarly, some dogs like Basenji or Dachshund, though it seems goods for adoption, can be difficult to train. As they are hunting dog breed and prefer more exercise & puzzles.

Dang, some of these dogs needs extra grooming which may be tough to someone with busy lifestyle!

So we came up with the list of dog breeds which are adorable, easily trainable, requires less grooming and for sure, suitable for our Indian climate.

Note: – These dogs are sorted according to their sizes i.e. from smaller to bigger ones.

Here is a Quick List

  1. Pug
  2. Dachshund
  3. Beagle
  4. Indian Spitz
  5. American Pitbull Terrier
  6. Indian Pariah
  7. Labrador Retriever
  8. Golden Retriever
  9. Dalmatian
  10. German Shepherd
  11. Rottweiler
  12. Doberman

1. Pug

So let's start with the list with the small breed, yet famously known as “Hutch or Vodafone Wala Dog”.

It is the smallest dog breed suitable for Indian climate

Originated in China, this breed is very good for small homes as it requires lesser space.They are friendly, cheerful, self-confident and also a bit stubborn.

Pugs are very much adorable because of their size and their ability to get along with children.

Pugs are also known for their less tendency to bark making it the best option for new dog owners.

Though they require less grooming, their wrinkles on the face are a tough spot to clean and are also prone to various infections.

Also, make sure they are not taken in very humid conditions as it will cause breathing problems for them.

Features: –

  • Life Expectancy – 12-15 years
  • Height – Male/Female up to 30/25 cm
  • Color – Black, Fawn, Apricot, Silver Fawn

2. Dachshund

If you have read our blog of small dog breed in India, you must have seen Dachshund on our list.

But don't let that small size mislead you, as they are very aggressive when it comes to strangers. They tend to bark a lot to greet or maybe alert you of any guest walk-in through your dog.

Being a hunter, Dachshund has a tendency to hunt and kill small rodents like frogs, rats, or even pigeons. So be prepare to find gifts from your little pet.

They were bred to hunt rodents in the burrow, so they love digging. So if you have a garden in your area then allow your Dachshund to dug in for a while. As adorable as it seems, sometimes this habit could get destructive as well when your dog will find some kind of comfort while digging your pillow, bed-foam, or sofa.

Their time with children lesser than 6 years should be monitored.

So if you are willing to train your dachshund well than, it could be a nice pet.

Features: –

  • Life Expectancy – 12-16 years
  • Height – Male/Female up to 37/33 cm
  • Color – Black, Chocolate, Tan, Cream, Blue & Red

3. Beagle

Beagle has already made its way through the small breed in India, and still find it place in our list of best pet dogs in India.

Beagle was bred for hunting, due to their best ability for picking up the scent. Their hunting instinct makes them less obedient sometimes.

This means you can't left them off-leash.

Beagle is a good choice for a family with children. He is a tolerant, cheerful, and always curious thanks to his nose.

This breed requires moderate outdoor activity but be sure to let loose them only with a fenced garden or they could pick up on a scent and may go exploring…

Features: –

  • Life Expectancy – 12-15 years
  • Height – Male/Female up to 33/41 cm
  • Color – Tri-color or white in combination with Black & tan/brown or brown/tan
Indian Spitz

4. Indian Spitz

Got his fame from the movie, “Hum Apke Hai Kaun” for the role of “Tuffy”, this breed is indeed very intelligent when compared with other dogs.

They are sometimes, even known for understanding human intentions!

Spitz are generally chose for a trick dogs as they are quick learners.

So feel free to amaze the internet with some of the coolest trick with your dog!

Often they have been confused with Pomerania (which are smaller & hairier), they come from same German Spitz ancestors. Due to their fur, they need brushing in a week.

Features: –

  • Life Expectancy – 12-14 years
  • Height – Male/Female up to 45/40 cm
  • Color – Black, White or Brown
American Pitbull Terrier

5. American Pitbull Terrier

Banned in many cities of the USA & countries like Great Britain & New Zealand, American Pit Bull Terrier were once bred for fighting other dogs in the pit, hence the name.

Due to this, they have amazing jaw strength which helps them to snap and hang on any branch or human's hand like seen in the below gif.

American Pitbull Terrier Gif

They could be the best guard dog.

However, this aggressive nature of them could be overcome by training them at an early age and socializing them a lot exposing them to various situations.

They tend to develop good muscle, which surely raises a few eyebrows when you and yours are on a walk.

Despite their infamous qualities, they are a very loving breed when it comes to the family with children.

They are intelligent, cheerful and much much adorable.

Features: –

  • Life Expectancy – 8-15 years
  • Height – Male/Female up to 50/53 cm
  • Color – Black, White, Brown, Red, Grey, Tan
Indian Pariah Dog

6. Indian Pariah Dog

Born and brought up in India, according to Indian climate, food & people, this breed wins when the survival of the fittest comes to mind.

However, every stray dog is not a Pariah breed.

In short, Indian Pariah is the best dog breed for Indian climate

They have been avoided for breeding for thousands of years, making them very healthy as compared to another breed.

Issues like hip dysplasia are extremely rare.

Also with a perfect diet, this breed can have good digestion and be odorless (which is not possible with other dogs), also they required the least maintenance.

They are intelligent, loyal, extremely territorial & could be used as a guard dog as well.

Features: –

  • Life Expectancy – 10-13 years
  • Height – Male/Female up to 64/58 cm
  • Color – Black, White, Brown, Red

7. Labrador Retriever

The big, friendly, curious dog is hard not to love. Breed by the fisherman from the Labrador Sea, this dog loves to swim and catch fish.

Blessed with strong back legs & good stamina this dog never stops running.

So you better give this guy, space to sprint around in open ground (of course with fences on) and a lot of activity & swimming, if possible.

Labrador loves to swim

They have a soft mouth which makes them good carriers (imagine they could carry egg for you in their mouth without breaking it).

They have a better ability to learn than the rest of the dogs, making them a good choice as a pet.

Their extreme physical activity also makes them vulnerable to various health issues like Hip dysplasia, elbows & joint problem.

Features: –

  • Life Expectancy – 10-14 years
  • Height – Male/Female up to 62/60 cm
  • Color – Black, Yellow, Chocolate (Rare)
Golden Retriever

8. Golden Retriever

Just like Labrador Retriever, this breed was once used to retrieve/bring a shot-down bird to their hunter.

They are bred to be obedient, soft biter, and athletic.

Golden Retriever are very much active, playful as a pet. They are good with the kids or any other small animals (cats, small dogs, or rodents).

One thing that may trouble you is grooming! They need a lot of grooming, thanks to their long double coat, just like German Shepherd.

You could easily find their hair on the couch or bed.

Good quality dog food is necessary to maintain a golden healthy coat.

Features: –

  • Life Expectancy – 10-12 years
  • Height – Male/Female up to 61/56 cm
  • Color – Golden

9. Dalmatian

One feature that we all know about Dalmatian is they have black spots over white coat.

But the interesting part is, they have spots everywhere on the body, even inside their mouth.

Originally these dogs were used to guard a wagon against the bandits.

These dogs were even trained to attack horses of those who come closer to their convoy.

Dalmatians are sturdy, a large dog with much endurance and stamina to chase off any intruder.

Nowadays they have been used as a pet as well as guard dogs. They are also good with children which makes them common pets in many households.

Dalmatians are intelligent, easily trainable; but sometimes they could be stubborn as their own intelligence gets in their way.

They were bred intelligent to work independently (without a leash) and guard their master's valuable. So they would hate to be on a leash, like any other Labrador.

And the last thing is, they need a lot of room to run around.

Features: –

  • Life Expectancy – 10-13 years
  • Height – Male/Female up to 61/58 cm
  • Color – Liver & White, Black & White
German Shepherd

10. German Shepherd

This handsome, regal, powerful, courageous, loyal, wolf-like, intelligent….. Phew! This dog is everything for an experienced dog owner.

But be careful if you've never handled a dog before as for new dog owner it could be tricky to handle this breed.

They are very intelligent when it comes to self-discipline provided they have been trained. Being an idle watchdog, they are wary of the stranger.

Training during puppy's stage is the key or they could be extremely dangerous.

Features: –

  • Life Expectancy – 9-13 years
  • Height – Male/Female up to 65/60 cm
  • Color – Black, Black & Tan, Sable, Red & Black

11. Rottweiler

What you get, when you mix Pit Bull with German shepherds? A Rottweiler. It can be cute, adorable & friendly or Dangerous depending on their training.

They alone are responsible for more than 60% of the death rate by a dog attack in the USA.

Instead, they could be maintained disciplined, if they have been trained well from the beginning.

Training includes teaching them about various situations, introducing them to new people (especially around kids) & dogs as well.

One of the features which make them exceptional then a German Shepherd(GS) is their intelligence.

Example, when you command your GS to do something, he will do it as trained. Whereas, a Rottweiler will do as commanded but soon will use his intelligence and find an easy way of doing it. Isn't that interesting!

This is the most important feature to take into consideration while choosing between a Rot and GS for a guard dog.

Still this breed is one of the favorite choices for Indian wanting a guard dog.

Features: –

  • Life Expectancy – 8-10 years
  • Height – Male/Female up to 69/63 cm
  • Color – Black, Tan, Mahagony

12. Dobermann

A skinnier version of rottweiler yet a fierce dog, this breed is the world's best guard dog.

These dogs were bred to protect their owner and at the same time be athletic to chase high-speed targets.

Sometimes known as the world's smartest dog, Dobermans are easily trainable and could be a good dog with children if socialized from the puppy stage.

Their scissor bite is widely known making them one of the dangerous dog breeds in the world. So beware before approaching an unfamiliar Dobermann.

Dobermann has thin coats so shedding won't be a problem.

However, like any other pedigree dog, they have some health issues.

They tend to develop less body fat so this breed is not suitable for colder temperature.

You may have to dress them in sweaters if you live in the region where winters are harsh.

Features: –

  • Life Expectancy – 10-13 years
  • Height – Male/Female up to 72/63 cm
  • Color – Black, White, Fawn, Red, Rust, Blue

These were the 8 dogs suitable for Indian climate. You could opt for any of these dogs to be your pet guilt free.

If you have noticed, we have aligned this list size-wise, which means the smallest dog (Pug) being the 1st and so the size increases as we move downward.

So by reading this article will surely help you with determining the best dog for your apartment size.

Let sum it up. If you're looking for a house pet then Pug, Beagle, Indian Spitz, Golden & Labrador Retreiver, and Pariah will be your best option.

While for guard dog, Rottweiler and German Shepherd are your dog.

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