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Admit it, we all love dogs. But one thing which always delights us is to know about their breed. No matter what is the breed, dogs are always loyal to their human companion. This is why we call them “Man’s best friend”.

Now, you may have seen many foreign dog breeds like German Shepherd, Pit bull, Pug, etc. But do you know about these 14 Native Dog breeds in India?

  1. Rajapalayam
  2. Indian Spitz
  3. Mudhol Hound
  4. Bully Kutta
  5. Gaddi Kutta
  6. Kombai
  7. Kanni/Chippiparai
  8. Indian Pariah Dog
  9. Pandikona
  10. Bakharwal Dog
  11. Rampur Greyhound
  12. Kaikadi Dog
  13. Vikhan Sheep Dog
  14. Gull Terrier

1. Rajapalayam


Royalty as it sounds, Rajapalayam has kept as a symbol of prestige during the Chola Dynasty of Tamil Nadu.

Bred for hunting wild boars, these dogs proved to be a very good guard dog. These hounds won’t hesitate when it comes to the protection of their master.

Rajapalayam dog breeds are large, measuring up to 65-75 cm. This enormous size gives them good strength and confidence to fend off the intruders.

If you are looking for a long-living guard dog, then Rajapalayam could be your companion as they live up to 20 and in some cases 26 years.

2. Indian Spitz


This Indian breed is often confused with Pomeranian due to their fluffy coat. There was a time when this breed was very much popular and was the first choice for any dog owner.

Indian Spitz is very intelligent when it comes to learning new tricks. Due to this, they have been participants in many dog shows.

With the height up to 40-45 cm, these dogs are larger than any average Pomeranian for being a lap dog, still, they are considered to be small dog breed in India. Their ease with children and those fluffy furs make them better family dogs.

One of the features of these dogs is their eyes. Their eyes color varies from greenish to blueish making them more human-like.

3. Mudhol Hound


Better known as Caravan Hound, this breed is one of the famous “Sight-hound” among the native dog breeds.

This breed lives up to their expectation when it comes to being an attack dog. Due to this, they are the first native breed that found their place in the Indian army.

These dogs are wary of strangers and are not very friendly with everyone making them one of the best guard dogs. Also, they are very good with stamina and speed, so if they see intruders, they chase them up and won’t give up that easily.

As they are bred for hunting, a lot of playtimes are required to release those extra energies. Due to this, small apartments are not ideal for them.

4. Bully Kutta


The word “Bully” comes from Punjabi language meaning ‘heavily wrinkled’, which explains their snout’s appearance. Growing up to the height of 80-86 cm, Bully Kutta is the strongest dog breed in India.

Also known as Sindh, Indian or Pakistan Mastiff, this breed is very famous around the Punjab region. According to an article by Times of India, Bully kutta has also seen as a resemblance by youths.

For a long time, these dogs were the participant in illegal dog-fighting in some regions of India and Pakistan. However, such competitions are now banned in these countries.

Despite such temperament, this infamous dog breed could be a good guard dog and family member if socialized at a very young age. According to Dr. L N Gupta from Agra, India; Bully Kutta could be a dominant canine and should only be handled by well-experienced owners.”

They are highly intelligent, alert, responsive and energetic. If raised with proper behavioral training these dogs could be a lovable companion.

5. Gaddi Kutta


Having a lineage from well know Tibetan Mastiff, Gaddi Kutta looks almost like a lion with their heavy coat.

Primarily used for hunting and herding, these dogs are strong, independent and love living a very active lifestyle. Due to this it quite difficult to domesticate them without proper obedience training.

These dogs are found in the northern part of India, mostly in the colder states like Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh (Himalayan region). Their heavy coat protects them from the harsh winter in the region.

Being a herding dog, they are breed to be wary of stranger and other animals making them aggressive towards them. These dogs are quite successful in repulsing the attack from the snow leopards, so these dogs could be aggressive toward your other pets.

6. Kombai


Found in the foothills of the Western Ghats of South India, Kombai is a dog breed well known for their dark muzzle. This is one of the prominent features which makes them different than other native dog breed in India.

Some years ago, they were on the brink of extinction. Thankfully some dog enthusiasts in Tamil Nadu came forward to revive this breed.

These are loyal, intelligent and one of the strongest native breeds, who has also found its place in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) training school in the year 2020.

Despite their strength and ferocious behavior, these dogs are good at handling family children making them a perfect combination of guard and family dog.

These dogs are very much athletic and will require exercise so if you looking for adopting one, be ready for every day walking sessions.

7. Kanni/Chippiparai


Though some expert believe these both breed are distinct, Kanni are the dogs with (black+tan) or (black+sable) coat, while Chippiparai seems to be having only one solid color.

Another dog breed from the state of Tamil Nadu, these dogs are well known for their speed which could reach up to 60 kph. Their body structure mostly resembles that of Cheetah.

Primarily, being sight hound, Kannis are masters in hunting rabbits and other rodents due to their speed. This helps the field from any kind of vermin.

They also have thinner and shinier coat, which makes them less prone to tick and fleas and are better sustained in hotter climate. Also, they don’t seem to need much of the care, just like most of the native Indian breed.

These dogs are friendly, loyal and love to run a lot. So before adopting one; make sure you have open grounds to get rid of the high energy level these dogs possess.

8. Indian Pariah Dog


Though we all know them as stray dogs, it is important to note that, not all stray may come under pariah breed.

This breed trace its routes to around 4,500 years ago making them one of the oldest South-Asian breed of dog.

Lack of breeding has enabled these dogs to cope up with various diseases like hip dysplasia which is common in many well-known breed. Also, they require minimum grooming and could be the best budget pet.

They are loyal, intelligent, and territorial but accept human family easily and could be a good guard as well as a family dog. These dogs have also been a part of many K-9 units (dog squads) in local police.

9. Pandikona


Found in the Pandikona village, these dogs are not less than wolves when it comes to hunting wild boars and other prey.

For a long time, local villagers have been using these dogs to hunt wild-life. This has led to a respect for this breed in the village. In case, you want to adopt one, you have to travel to this village.

Pandikona are known for their hunting and guarding expertise. They seem to hunt in packs just like wolves and are extremely territorial.

They are also sometime called Indian Doberman due to their looks. https://thesmartcanine.com/dog-breeds/pandikona/

10. Bakharwal dog


Another native dog breed in India having its lineage from Tibetan Mastiff, this furry big creature is the medium size version of their ancestor.

They have been found in chilly regions of Himalayan that includes Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. These dogs have been bred by the nomadic tribe known as “Gujjar” to guard their livestock.

They are large dogs which require heavy exercise as they receive naturally from mountainous terrain. Their heavy coats protect them from cold winters, so they are ideal pets for colder region.

However, their involvement in military has led to killing of these dogs by local militants. Also, their slower breeding rate which is about 1-3 pups a year, has threatened this breed into extinction.

They shed heavily and require a large space. According to the native breeder, these dogs could survive on vegetarian foods (which is debatable) like rice flour.

11. Rampur Greyhound


As the name says, these sight-hounds were bred in Rampur region of northern India for hunting jackals, wild boars and sometimes tiger and lions.

Just like Rajapalayam and Mudhol Hound, these dog breed has elongated body structure and scissor like jaws. One of the features about Rampur Greyhound is their legs that give them manoeuvrability and balance just like cats.

Despite being one of the deadliest hunter years ago, these dogs could be a wonderful companion being a guard-dog.

They generally prefer to be one man dog, which could lead to problems if not socialized earlier. Also, this dog requires larger space to move around so smaller apartments is not an option.

12. Kaikadi Dog


This breed belongs to terrier dog breed, bred to hunt vermin and smaller animals like hare, mouse, etc.

Kaikadi has not been recommended for small apartment as they are very active dogs and love open fields for hunting.

However, they are very much compassionate when it comes to a family with younger children. They are like most terrier and need much socialization during their puppy period.

This breed is currently on the verge of being extinct and could be found in Kaikadi region only.

13. Vikhan Sheep Dog


Also known as Vikhan, derived from Sanskrit “Vikh”, this breed is found in the hilly regions of Pakistan & in the northern part of India like Himachal Pradesh.

Vikhan has the quality to guard the livestock making them one of the best native herding breed. These dogs has gifted ability of moving through the mountainous regions, even considering the dangerous slopes.

Their style of guarding is kind of unique as they blend right into the pack of sheep and repulse any intruder fearlessly.

Being rare and almost closer to extinction, there are few information regarding their habitat and behavioral traits.

14. Gull Terrier


Believed to be the result of cross-breeding between English bull terrier and native Bully Kutta and other dog breeds in India, these dogs are one of the ferocious guard dogs available in Punjab regions.

Their hare-like erected ears are adorable enough to attract anyone, but beware as Gull Terrier could be wary of the strangers.

Being a guard dog, they strive to protect their owner from any stranger. Their this possessiveness over their family could be good or bad depending on the owner’s expectation from them.

However, despite of this, they could be a good family pet just like an American Pit-bull Terrier, if provided with proper obedience training and a lot of socialization in their puppy stages.

Gull Terrier is quite famous among the Pakistan regions of Punjab. They generally come white in coat color.

There are some other native breeds like Gull Dong, Mahratta Grey Hound, Banjara Hound, Kumaon Mastiff, Jonagi which you could read on.

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