Cancer Patient Having Tablet

5 Incredible Dog's Senses That Will Surprise You - Being Dog

In India, we have various beliefs about animals. One of them is that the dog senses someone's death or natural calamities. Have you ever heard that? Disturbing isn't it?

Well, not only that but some believe that dogs could also sense paranormal entities. But how they do that. To know more keep reading our blog on 5 Incredible Dog's Senses That Will Surprise You.

1. Detect Cancer

Cancer Patient Having Tablet

Thanks to their olfactory cells (which helps in detecting various smells) in their snout, they seem to sniff out various diseases out of their families. It is said that cancer cell light foul smell which is easily sensed by the dogs. They seem to sniff more the body part on which the cancer cell exists. So next time, your dog seems to be sniffing you a lot on a particular body part, you may wanna consult a doctor for check-ups. Not only they are known to detect cancer but also known to predict Seizures (which some dogs are even trained to detect) or even Labor.

2. Earthquake

Earthquake Swallowed A Home

Historian maintains an incident of Greece in the year 373 B.C. when dogs sensed the earthquake & started fleeing the city of Helike. Later that a major tsunami gulped the whole city. This gave rise to a new theory that can dog really sense this apocalypse. Some scientist says that dogs feet could are very sensitive and could detect the crumbling of the rock way better than human, while others say that their hearing abilities make them aware of coming disaster. Reports also have shown that dog owners often notice dogs whining or barking (showing distress) for no reason before the calamity strikes.

3. Storm

Storm Approaching Shore

Talking about bigger snout, another feature of dog include their ability to hear. According to research, it is a fact that dog could hear sounds of frequency ranging from 64 hertz to 65,000 hertz which is better as compared to human which ranges from 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz. These hearing capabilities let dogs hear storm from a very far distance and prepare for the doom. They also seem to smell the electric current in the air which adds more evidence to their predictions.

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4. They Hear Things

Those pointy ears and the ability to hear the high-frequency sounds are a very special trait of theirs. This enables them to notice sounds that are being unnoticed by humans. You must have seen the transmitter use to detect paranormal voices, well your dog is having these features in-built in them.

Reports have shown their abnormal behavior and waking up suddenly when they hear some unheard voices. So next time when you are with your dog alone in your home and suddenly he wakes up and starts barking, it may be something you won't like!

Creepy Abandoned Villa

5. They See Things

Ghost in Abandoned Asylum

Those adorable, color-blind eyes (which is just a myth) are powerful than you could ever imagine in spotting things from parallel or 4th dimension. This trait of sharp eyes has been used by humans for thousands of years for hunting. Nowadays, they are also being used for hunting ghosts. But, can a dog really see a ghost? Sometimes in the middle of nowhere, dogs seem to stick their eyes on absolutely nothing. They seem to be seeing things we can't. In a book called Tails of the Afterlife by Peggy Schmidt, she mentioned a story of a woman named Del Johnson who was having several dogs. After her death, she was said to be coming back to meet her pets. An unnatural behavior was shown by dogs in that scenario as all of them were sitting staring at a single wall like she was there.

Do you have any experiences with your dog or have you heard some of the tales? Feel free to share your experience down in the comment section