Stop Feeding Your Dog These Toxic Foods

Hi there! My name is Moti, the pet dog of this website! Woof!! Woof!!!

I know you love your dog, and will never deny those eyes pleading foods from you. Its adoring!

But Stop!

Even something like sweet dessert could be dangerous to your dog.

To avoid any accidents, I have gathered the list of some common foods which you should keep away from your pooch.


I know you love to have chocolate. Well, I love it too… While you can have the pleasure of eating that dark-bar, I am allowed to just sniff that bitter-sweet taste.

As per research, Chocolate contains Theobromine which could be toxic to me. While your metabolism takes around 2-3 hours to digest those chocolates, my body takes around 18 hours, causing indigestion.

Eating chocolate would cause diarrhea, vomiting, seizure, internal bleeding, heart attack, and even death to dogs like me. Though I am innocent and don’t think of aftermath too much, would you like to deny it to me when I demand it?


Coffee is the best way to start a day, isn’t it?

It may be for you, but for us, it is too much. Your 1 cup of coffee acts like 10 cups of coffee for your dog.

Caffeine attacks the central nervous system in dogs, causing an increase in heart rate and hyperactivity. Other symptoms are increased in blood pressure which causes heart attack, seizures, and even coma and death.

Not only coffee, but other products like Energy Drink, coffee ice-cream, and toffees containing caffeine should also be kept away from our reach. Be careful as we are sneaky when it comes to feeding your food. We may not even give you the chance to react.

Grapes and Raisins (Kismish)

Yup, you heard it right. Those sweet and seedless Grapes and Raisins could be harmful to your dog.

Even eating one grape could cause dehydration, weakness, increased thirst and urination, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Scary isn’t it?

While the actual cause of toxicity is not known until now (cases reported on grapes’ toxicity on the dog), it is better to keep these out of your dog reach. In case your dog ingested some of the grapes or raisin, try to induce vomiting in them and contact your vet immediately.

Garlic & Onion

No one could resist the taste of Onion/Garlic in their food. But unfortunately, they aren’t good for your dog.

Dogs like us could develop allergies and low blood pressure after ingesting these vegetables.

Onions, Garlic, Spring onion, etc contains “Thiosulfate” which damages red blood cells in dogs. This can cause anemia, weakness, jaundice, vomit, and diarrhea & dehydration.

While it takes around 15-30 grams per kg of your dog weight to have serious effects, some dog (especially smaller breeds) could pick up on allergies with minute amounts as well. It is always recommended to keep us away from any other products containing these vegetables.


Did someone say drink? Nah, I prefer to stay sober.

Well for humans, it could be a choice but for me its compulsion. Consumable, especially, one affecting the central nervous system is too much for me.

Although, I hate that rotten smell of whiskey or beer; I always push myself to try things my human friends love.

The ethanol contains in drinks could lead to alcohol poisoning in your dogs when consumed above the danger levels.

Now you will ask, what is that danger level? Well, it differs for each dog depending on their size, allergies, and other factors.

In case your dog got drunk accidentally, some of the warning signs could be excessive drooling, weakness, collapsing, vomiting, and incoordination.


We all know that lactose intolerance is common among most adult humans.

Well, that goes with me as well. My small gut is incapable of dealing with a lot of dairy products.

Excessive feeding of milk products could cause indigestion and diarrhea.


I know it looks like something out of the laboratory but trusts me, it is common nowadays.

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener present in many diet products like diet coke, gums, and other sugar-free products.

While it has some benefits for my human buddies, this product could be dangerous for my kidneys. I don’t wanna eat that, but wow it smells so sweet!

Cooked Bones

Bones are dog’s favorite treat!

But be careful with cooked bones as they tend to break easily after chewing causing them to splinter.

These sharp edges could harm internal organs and throat causing them to choke and in rare cases death. So it is advisable to not feed small and cooked bones to your dog.

Infographic on Common Food

That’s why it is always recommended to feed your dog only the dog food. They are made to fulfill all your dog’s nutritional requirements. You can check the list of dog food in our article on 10 Best Dog Food In 2020

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