Meat Up Dog Food Review

Meat up dog food is a brand from the same IB Group (Indian Broiler) responsible for another well-known brand, Drools.

However, as you may have seen Drools as their glamorous brand, this brand is their cheaper dog food alternative.

Thus, it is well known among many dog parents, as an economical dog food on Amazon.

We have reviewed this product and now present you our detailed ingredient and brand analysis. Hope you're gonna find it super helpful!

So let's start with quick Meat up Dog Food review.

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Meat Up Dog Food

Meat Up Dog food

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Product rating: 


  • Cheaper than most other dog foods
  • Contains essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • Good for dogs with bad skin & coat quality


  • Too much fillers & by-product
  • Added preservatives
  • Not suitable for growing pups or lactating female dogs

All Variant

There are in total 6 variants of dog food & 4 variants of dog treats from Meat up dog food.:

Dog Food

Dog Treats

Note: Below ingredient's analysis is just for gravy and dry dog food variants. It doesn't includes vegetarian, grain zero (as it is their premium product and deserve a separate analysis) & other dog treats.


The brand meat up is a brain-child of IB group (Indian Broiler Group).

This conglomerate has been providing poultry products in India since 1985. They have their headquarters at Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh.

Later 1998, they got incorporated as Abis Export Pvt Ltd, and so now this entity is the manufacturer of Meat Up dog food.

Meat Up Dog Food

According to the brand, they believe in providing a complete, balanced & energy packed diet in their product.

But is that so? Let's checkout their ingredients.

Ingredient Analysis


This is the primary ingredient of this product. However, there are various types of cereals like corn, wheat, rice, barley, etc.

Which cereal is used by the company is not written on the product.

However, our sources say that it is corn. Corn is the most popular dog food filler used in the dog food industry.

Cereal by-products

This mostly includes the Chaff (outer layering of grain) and other minute particles removed from the grain.

Though they offer no specific nutritional value, they have been known to be rich in fiber.

But these livestock include herbivores animals like cows, sheep, goats, etc.

And dogs and cats aren't the animals to extract nutrients out of these husks.

So we could conclude that this ingredient is just a filler added to real food's weight.


This ingredient is very much adored in any dog food. We all know that dogs love chicken based meals.

Chicken could provide your dog with all the essential protein and fats their body requires.

Being partial carnivores, their digestive tract is prepared to digest animal's tissues.

Meat up Dog Food

However, the quality of chicken is a thing to be considered while we compare this product with the most famous brands out there.

So the chicken quality is still unknown. 

And while preparing the chicken, the most common method is heating/cooking. In this process, chicken is made into a paste and then heated to cook.

This reduces the nutrients from the chicken which is not a thing in case of dehydrated chickens.

Chicken by-product

Everything that is discarded from our consumption of chickens, like beak, claw, eyes, feathers, bones, etc. are termed as chicken by-products.

This ingredient is promoted as a natural way of a dog's meal. However, by-products has lower biological value.

Which means that a dog's digestive system does not utilise most of the nutrients in them. Beaks & claws do contain protein, but it is not absorbed by the dog's body that easily.

Due to this, the crude protein of the Meat up dog food is raised but all these proteins won't be helpful in your dog's growth.

(We have also mentioned the macro protein content below)


To add up a quick protein boost in any diet, eggs are the most suitable ingredient to look for.

It not only provides a good amount of edible & digestible protein but also adds fat required for the cellular growth.

Eggs provides HDL ( High Density Lipoprotein) which is also known as good cholesterol. This in turn, lowers the risk of heart disease.


How's it affect body cholesterol?

Well, by adding good cholesterol in diet, the body will detect it and in result, generate less cholesterol of its own. [source]

And as we have already mentioned in our other articles, eggs have higher biological value.

This means that the dog's body will absorb almost all protein an egg provides.


It is a good source of fibers which also adds anti-oxidants in your dog's meal.

The fiber is helpful in bowel movement (potty) and also makes the digestive system feel full.

These fibers are in fact not digested by the body.

Instead, once in the intestine, it absorbs the water inside the digestive tract to create a bulk blockage.

After that, the intestine uses its muscles to guide this blockage out of the digestive system along with the impurities or waste.

Also, it is a fact that eating enough fibers helps in controlling the hunger and excessive eating. 

The fiber occupies most of the space inside the digestive tract, as it swells when mixed with water. 

This results in the feeling of fullness in dogs as well as humans.

Vegetables by-products

The by-products of vegetables also produce the same fibers as that of vegetables.

There is almost no difference between vegetables and their by product. 

Vegetable oil
Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil contains Omega-6 fatty acid, which is good for your dog's healthy skin.

If your dog is suffering from less dense coat, itching, scaling skin, etc then applying vegetable oil directly on skin or feeding them would be beneficial.

However, feeding too much vegetable oil could cause diarrhea or loose stool in your dog. So feeding it in a limited quantity is the key.

Meat up dog food contains a good quantity of vegetable oil, which adds a healthy amount of fatty acid in your dog's diet.

Iodised salt

Have you tasted any dog food before? If not then don't worry we will not ask you to taste it.

But, just out of curiosity, we have tasted some of the dog foods. And you know what we found?

It is almost bitter & tasteless.

A study has shown that dogs don't like the taste of salt's pinch.

This makes iodised salt missing in some of the most popular dog foods, as they replace it with sea-weed.

However, just like us, dog's need iodine in their diet, which is recommended below 0.07% in any adult dogs dry food.

And our sources report that this product contains the utmost 0.06% of it.

Essential vitamins and minerals

Dogs need vitamins and minerals to induce some of the natural chemical reactions in their body like building bones, maintaining healthy tissues, etc.

Some of the vitamins a dog's body needs are Vitamin A, D, E, K, B-complex vitamins, Calcium, Phosphorus. 

A dog's body extracts these vitamins naturally while eating particular foods and this dog food contains the required quantity of it.

Permitted preservatives

Now this could be a little set back for this product as preservatives are required due to 10% moisture presences in the product.

However, exactly which preservatives are used in the product is still unknown but according to the company it is permitted.

To avoid preservatives, many dog food brands use vacuum or no moisture packaging.

Preservatives are hated by many dog parents as they believe that it has a harmful impact on dogs.

Although there won't be any short term issue, these preservatives might affect your dog in the long term.


Overall this product contains Crude protein 18%, fat 10%, fiber 5%, moisture 10%

Despite of this food already containing 10% of moisture, we recommend you to feed your dog this food along with water.

Recommended Quantity to feed

Small dog (below 10 kg) : 110-210 g

Medium (11-25 kg) : 210-360 g

Large (26-45 kg) : 360-560 g

Extra large (above 46 kg) : 560-1000 g


After reviewing Meat up dog food, we conclude that this product is a below average quality dog food available in the Indian dog food market.

If you are low on budget then you could buy this product, but feed this to your dog along-side some other meal like chicken & rice.

However, if you want to go for a healthy alternative then checkout our article on 10 Best dog foods in India.

Meat up dog food will provide the essential nutrients your dog needs for a healthy coat.

It is also a good option for donation of this food to local dog shelters or feeding this to your local stray dogs.

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