Dog Feeding Her Babies

The right time to breed your Dog? This article will help

Ok. You love your little furry friend and treat them like a baby. But, now you seem to be confused by their weird behavior. They just seem to be whining a lot, get excited or get somewhat flirty for no reason.

Humping is becoming common for your dog to show his love!

Maybe this is an indication that your baby is a grown up adult now. But, when is the right time for your dog to breed?

What’s the minimum age for mating?

The key to finding the right time for a dog to mate is to consider their breed as well. For a male dog, the minimum age for mating could be as low as 4 months but the recommended age starts from 6 months.

They could keep mating and would successfully impregnate female dog till the age of 10-11 year. However, it is generally seen that senior dogs are less likely to impregnate the female dog.

But with your female dogs, you have to be very cautious about their mating as you will be taking care of her during pregnancy.

Menstruation cycle in dogs is known as “heat cycle or oestrus”. A female dog could experience her first heat cycle from 6th months of age.

In smaller breeds, this cycle could start from 4th month however, for the larger breed, this cycle could get delayed by 18-24 months. It is advisable, not to breed your female dog until she has completed her 3-4 cycles.

During their heat cycle, you could see that her vulva starts to bleed and swell. The discharge emitted from them could range from being bloody red to milky pink or white.

Also, during this period, they tend to frequently urinate in small quantities. This is their natural habit to attract male dogs in the area by spreading their scent. It contains pheromones and hormones.

This heat cycle lasts for 2-3 weeks & your female dog is very much fertile during this period. These cycles occur twice a year or every six months. However, this may differ from breed to breed.

You will start noticing behavioral changes in your female dogs as well when she is on the heat cycle. Like she will be flirtier or show more affection for no reason, her tail would be flagged up high, more often presenting her vulva while being petted.

Want to be 100% sure?

If you are still not sure about your dog heat cycle, then you could visit the nearest vet for assistance.

There are two tests which could be useful to determine your dog fertility, namely Vaginal Smear Test & Serum Progesterone Test (the more accurate one)

For many years, the vaginal smear test has been used by the vet for quick testing of fertility. However, tests like Serum Progesterone Tests(SPT) are also getting its popularity with the help of its greater accuracy.

SPT involves blood testing of your dog & it can pinpoint the fertility period best suited for female dogs to breed and get pregnant.

Now you are ready for your dog to breed, what next?

Knowing the right time for the dog to breed brings you to the next step, finding the “significant other”. You have to search the partner for your dog, ensuring that the other dog is of the pure breed as well.

You can always ask help from your vet as he/she could provide you with better suggestions & other parties who are interested in breeding.

Once the partner is decided, it is preferable that the breeding process should be done at the male dog’s place. It is generally seen that male dogs perform well when present in their territory or environment. This reduces stress levels & ensures a higher success rate of impregnation, so it is advisable for the female dog owners to visit the male counterpart’s home.

It is better for your pet psychology as well to be involved in a familiar place rather than neutral ground like a veterinary’s place.

Note: It is important for your dog and her/his partner to have few check-ups at vet prior to breeding. This will ensure about their physical health and their pure breed as well.

Mating done, now how to know if it was successful?

If you are thinking about some pregnancy tests, then yes, there are. But first, you have to wait for 22-27 days after their mate. Any examination before these days is not fruitful.

You have to make sure that your female dog is not mating with any other dog during this period as she will still remain active, thanks to her heat cycle.

After this period, a blood test could be done to examine the ‘relaxin’ hormone level in their body. Ultrasound is also another effective test.

These tests could be very critical to differentiate between pseudo-pregnancy & pregnancy. Once a successful pregnancy detected, you can expect the delivery after 65 to 67 days of mating. You can also check out this source to know more about these tests.

It is also advisable to take care of your female dog’s diet during pregnancy. Check out our blog regarding dog food as well to know the nutritional rich diet for your furry friend.

Do you have some issues or solutions regarding dog mating? Feel free to share in our comment section.