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When it comes to dog food, most of us rely completely on brands. There are some good brands out there that we have already listed in our other blog on 10 Best Dog Foods in India. But what are some basic types of dog food which every dog owner must know?

So here we list 5 basic types of dog food available in the market by various brands.


Also known as dry dog food, the primary motto of kibbles was to be economical. Mostly, they are made in the shape of pellets. There is are numerous methods on how this kibble is produced, but the final product of all is the same as per the nutrition value goes. All ingredients are first made into a dough and heated to cook it. However, the heating process loses some of the nutrients.


As these dog foods are dry, it is always recommended to serve this food to your dog with water separately. Kibbles is a one-stop solution to every nutrient, your dog needs as it contains carbs, proteins, and other essentials like vitamins, minerals, etc.

Another feature of kibbles is that these foods are easy to serve like corn-flakes we use to eat at breakfast. No additional cooking is required. You can serve your dog with one or two scoops ( depending on your dog size) in the bowl and pack it again. Due to longer shelf life, you don’t have to care about the storage that much as compared to other dog foods.

Conclusion: – Kibbles is a convenient, easy to use option when it comes to dog food. However, your dog may not like it, so the brand does matter in such cases. It is the most popular dog food.


As the name suggests, these foods are packed in cans due to their moisture. Also commonly known as wet dog food, these are gravies your dog love to have in every meal. This makes it the second most popular dog food among dog owners.

Canned Food

Aim to please the taste buds of your furry little friend, canned food comes in a wide variety of flavors. It contains up to 70% moisture which is better as compared to kibble which only contains 10%. Moisture is a very important factor when it comes to a dog’s digestion. Moisture throughout the day, avoid any gut-related issues like constipation.

However, just feeding your dog wet food could affect their dental health as there aren’t chewing in this process. The chewing process is one of the important parts of a dog’s life. Regular chewing provides strength for their teeth needs and also prevents tartar build-ups.

Due to its cost, most dog owners try to feed canned food along with kibbles. This also counters the dental issue of not chewing mention above. So if your dog is choosy when it comes to their meal, you can rely on canned foods.

Also due to moisture, it is easily prone to spoilage. Once opened it should be consumed within a month. 

Conclusion: – It’s a good option for dogs who are picky about their meals. Recommends to mix it with kibbles to provide good chewing opportunity and is economical.

Frozen & Dehydrated Food:

Imagine a packed food that just requires you to add water and then it’s ready to use. Frozen & Dehydrated Foods are the best option when it comes to quality. It is prepared by slowly heating the ingredients which ensure that nutrients are not destroyed. In the canned and kibble making process, the ingredients are heated in temperature more than 100 C. Due to this harsh temperature, a good portion of nutrients is lost. Frozen & Dehydrated food try to tackle this issue.

Frozen Dog Food

The making of this format includes slowly heating the raw meat for a long time until all of its moisture is evaporated (for dehydrated food).

Another method is to freeze raw meat & put it in a machine that lowers the atmospheric pressure around the food. Due to this, moisture present in the raw meat is evaporated (Frozen dried food). If you want to dive deep into this topic, read this article.

This dog food format is new in the market and the making process is advanced as well. People who strive for quality and want to feed their dogs the best meal will like this option.

Conclusion: – Qualitywise, the product is the best in the market. Convenient as it requires less time to prepare. Expensive but the food quantity increases up to 3 to 5 times once added water to it.

Homemade Food:

One-step forward approach, initiated by dog owners who do not believe in the quality standards of the dog food industry. Most of the experienced dog owner seems to like this way to serve their dog meal.

Homemade Dog Food

Things to be noted while cooking is that your dog needs a good quantity of meat or fish & eggs which provides dogs with enough good proteins. While it should also contain vegetables & salads to ensure vitamins, carbs & fibers.

This approach can be more expensive and time-consuming as you will be cooking especially for your dog/s. Also, this approach needs you to acquire knowledge about your dog’s nutritional needs.

This method ensures that your dog meal does not contain any added preservative or food colors used by many well-known brands.

Even you have to make sure that your dog doesn’t eat these common toxic foods at home.

You can always check the sites like which is a great source for making homemade meals for your furry friend.

Conclusion: – This method is time-consuming but it comes with the greater reward of unadulterated food. Also, it gives some dog owners the satisfaction that they are not adding unwanted preservatives in their dog food.

Raw Food:

Owners who admire their dog heritage to a wolf, like this kind of meal to make their dogs close to their natural habitat. During the old times, dogs have been chasing & hunting their prey and eating their raw flesh. Their digestive system has been adapted to this raw meal.

Raw Dog Food

This raw meat could contain seawater as well as freshwater fish ( mostly boneless), chickens, lamb, etc. 3-4 raw eggs will add more nutrients to your recipe.

Note: Checkout these nutritional foods that will be good addition to your recipe

This raw meal is expensive like home-made dog food, but it is less time-consuming. Also, it copes up with various dog-related issues like bad odor from the dog’s mouth, body, and feces. Feces production also reduces as your dog digestive system is accepting most of the nutrients from the meal.

Dogs also seem to be loving this kind of raw meal. It improves a dog’s immunity, behavior, energy and also proves to be better for their coat and skin. Dog owners also admire the purity of the meal as most of the dog food contains added preservatives.

However, there is a myth among people that dog gets addictive to blood & flesh while eating raw meat. This changes their behavior to be more aggressive. In addition to this, various organizations condemn the feeding of raw meals to dogs as it increases the bacteria in their feces. This is in some ways harmful to other dogs, cats & humans too.

Feeding raw meat to your dog is still debatable but still, many dog owners seem to like it. You can learn more about the benefits of Petmd blogs

Conclusion: – Raw meal is a very natural and healthy option for your dog. It is beneficial as well but increases infectious bacteria in poops.

Final conclusion: –

So, which is the best option for your dog? The answer is everything. Each and every dog food listed above have their own pros and cons. But, they are the nutrients your dog needs.

Every dog has a different preference and appetite, so it is best to try everything until you come to a final result. Also mixing up of foods on some occasions would be great to spice things up for your dog.

Do you have any suggestions about dog foods? We would love to hear from you in the comment section.